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The architectural office Keiramo Architects was founded in 1963. It is one of the oldest architectural offices operating in Turku. Over the years we have planned several buildings - even quite unique constructions - both in Finland and abroad.

Today, we primarily specialise in the design of residential buildings: single-family houses, blocks of flats, terraced houses, and holiday residences. However, through our entries to several architectural competitions, we are still enjoying the challenges offered by the planning of public buildings, too.

We are offering our customers comprehensive construction solutions covering everything from overall design phase to main project drawings required for the building licence, as well as working drawings and assistance during the contract bidding. If necessary, project management can also be included in the contract, as well as colour and interior design.

In our design, we are making every effort to achieve environmentally friendly and energy efficient housing solutions. Life-cycle approach to building is nothing new to us - we are designing homes that last from one generation to another.

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, relationships built on trust, professionalism and warm interpersonal contact. We hope that our clients find in us a partner they can rely on for many years to come.